Lets project into smoother vibe…LADT affilate “Arima Ederra” drops a love line in a oral expression on the second heater off the audio prior engadgement “Earth To Arima”. What a breath of fresh air, as Arima embraces the back drop produced by Las vegas composer “Bhonstro” and why not throw a special type of lyrical sharp shooter on their to complete more than a quality track.. “Questions” is nonetheless a classick… So make sure you keep us on lock and you got this jam on knock.. Continue to read up for more.. gheeeeeeaaaa!!

Arima Ederra is getting ready to release her self written first body of work with all original production next month. Release date as not been officially set. The EP is presented by Ashley Outrageous and Sponsored by JENESIS Magazine. In the meantime go download Arima

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