The duo of SIF (Real names Daniel Kelly) and SKAE (Lane Dorsey) deliver the first track “Do You Wanna” off their upcoming collabo EP.  The two grew up near each other and were friends from an early age. They each started successful careers separately – SIF starred on Degrassi and SKAE became a sought-after photographer. They reconnected in 2016 and realized they both shared a similar passion for music and began recording together.

Their new single “Do You Wanna”  is a smooth blend of soul/R&B and hip-hop. Over a lush mellow soundscape provided by SKAE, SIF showcases his dual skillset switching between rapping and singing. It’s quite organic and has a nice mass appeal vibe to it.

Now they’re prepping their debut EP for release. It’s a collection of songs full of movement and energy with memorable hooks.

Keep up with SIF x SKAE  : Facebook : Soundcloud :  Instagram

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