Tottenham, London rapper Shocka shares the visuals for his song “Don’t Be Ashamed” which touches on the delicate issue of mental health and awareness. Bolstered by the soulful piano-driven soundscape, he brings listeners closer to the mix of things with his evocative lyrics about being sectioned and its surrounding stigma which he feels society should do away with. He reflects on his own personal issues and how he had to face his inner demons to overcome them and gives listeners a nuanced perspective reminding us that we all have fears and insecurities so we are all in the same boat. He is joined by vocalist Sami Switch who adds a smooth melodic hook to the track.

After dealing with mental health issues himself, Shocka became a Mental health advocate, using his music to help those suffering from their own problems, speaking on a TEDx TALK, and being a guest on numerous talk shows in order to raise awareness. Interviews with both ITV and The Guardian see Shocka open up about his roots, purpose, and new-found lust for life, which couldn’t be more obvious on this new release.

Shocka exploded onto the Grime scene as one/third of Grime collective Marvell, alongside Double S and Vertex and going on tour with legendary grime MC’s Skepta and Chip.

Stream “Don’t Be Ashamed” on SoundCloudApple Music, and Spotify.

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