Ladies and gentleman, allow me to present… Shigeto. The ethereal beatsmith has given his own offering to J Dilla with a small set of tracks – 9 deep – inspired by the great man. Shigeto, currently living in Detroit funnily enough, is ghostly both in record label and character, and if you enjoy these kind of electronic, melodic, elegant beats then I implore you to go and check out further Shigeto releases. In any case, it again goes to show that Dilla is still living within the soul of many, many artists still vibing today.

This set was curated and inspired by J Dilla’s constant integration of countless genres and relentless output. All unfinished tracks. Raw. Uncut. Mostly with friends – made in 1 hour or less. Hope you enjoy. Love you Jay Dee. Eternal thanks and respect.

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