Alfred and Sherrell Duncan release a holiday video that is sure to ignite spirits of young and old worldwide. “Forever Duncan Christmas” is a lighthearted record full of comic parodies over a selection of groovy and soul shaking beats. Sherrell depicts a loving grandmother full of holiday zest fluffing the tree and preparing for the traditional family visit. Alfort on the other hand, exudes Grinch vibes while bellyaching about expensive gifts and family members devouring a perfectly arranged holiday meal. Lyrically, the two go back and forth in a fun, yet relatable skit reminiscent of Christmas spirit.

Ironically, once the doorbell rings and generations of family flood inside spreading holiday cheer, Alfort’s bah-humbug lingo and disposition quickly switches. Wrapped up in Christmas bows and flashy ugly sweater lights, he joins Sheryl and his family for a holiday rendered Soul Train line dance giving shout outs to everyone including Bingo buddies. Watch the video above.

The characters Alfort and Sheryl portrayed by the Duncan’s went viral back in 2016, and their enlightening story continues to shed love and hope.  For more information on the upcoming play “Views From Forever” starring Alfred and Sherrell click the link below.

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