I read a great book recently called Steal Like An Artist (for any creatives or artists this is a must read). Basically the premise is that no idea is purely original thought, but that your output is the consequence of so many influences that it appears as if it’s entirely new (at least, for the better artists). Even Nas says ‘No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s never what you do it’s how it’s done.’ So it’s definitely a school of thought with some tract.

But that doesn’t mean to say nothing is unique, and shangozeropoint is the latest of the distinct band of rappers emerging out of LA‘s experimental beat scene. He explores the concept of ‘Nothing Is Original’ over a bunch of instrumentals from the likes of zerohJonwayne and KVZE as well as some original production, shango displays his potent lyricism, cool but vicious, smooth but sharp. Definitely a cool cat, so if you are in to that LA scene you gotta check this.

Nothing Is Original is brought to you in part by shangozeropoint’s faulty methods of coping with his lack of authenticity.

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