Sensi Starr present visuals for the first single “Sensi Gang” off the new album “Smoke Sessions Vol2.” The record features Ren Thomas and Boogieman Dela, two members of the acclaimed elite Hip-Hop collective.

“Sensi Gang” produced by 3xpo, is a track that defines Sensi Starr as a united brotherhood striving to spread the message of co-existence by eliminating naysayers. Ren spews lyrical missiles while Dela softens the attack with thought provoking bars. The dramatic execution from the duo is set to entice listeners in ‘purge’ style.

3xpo and TabInStereo offer a modern day mix of soundscapes over a gritty beat selection that heightens the raw emotion felt by the ‘Sensi Gang.’ Watch the video above and stream “Smoke Sessions Vol2” here.

Each member of Sensi Starr which includes Ren Thomas, Skrewtape, Boogieman Dela, Ghetto MC, Slaughter Rico, Burke The Jurke, JO The Last Man, and producers TabInSterio and 3xpo, carry their own extensive solo resume and success. Visit Sensi Starr official website here.

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