Philly emcee Strypez wraps up the year 2015 with another full length project in the form of this 16 track body of work titled $crilla Season. If you recall the last project he released was the summer themed Summer Toons which dropped last August which I must say is dope.  $crilla Season follows similar themes albeit slightly different in some areas where the soundscapes gives off a west coast , laid back vibe- which I find to be pretty relaxing.

Give $crilla Season a listen!!

From the suburbs of Philadelphia, 19 year old music artist Aaron “StrypeZ” Harrington looks to innovate and improvise the genre of Hip Hop. Since the age of 13, StrypeZ dibbled and dabbled with rap and also played instruments such as saxophone, guitar, and piano. In his junior year of high school, StrypeZ finally decided to make music a consistent hobby. He has self taught himself to engineer his own music which has brought many artists to want his talent behind the boards. StrypeZ has performed at numerous shows and talent showcases at his school, bringing recognition to his love for music. StrypeZ attended Montgomery County Community College and dropped out after the first semester to quicky make the unfavored decision to go full time with his music. Not soon after he built SubStation Records alongside Vision and an old member no longer apart of the collective. Since then he has been passionately making music, building SubStation with his fellow partners Vision and Option, and bringing his dreams to life. StrypeZ sees music as a spiritual experience with power behind it and intends to spread his purpose of success, happiness, and reality to everyone around him. Take a listen to StrypeZ long awaited project entitled $crilla Season.

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