Detroit-based artist Sara Marie Barron makes her entry on our site with much gusto. The genre-bending act dropped her debut album Sad, But True in 2018 and has gone on to release a second one Existential Glam in 2020. Fusing elements of Soul, Jazz, pop, and neo-soul, Sara bridges the gap between the old and new with her raw vocal talent and knack for penning heartfelt, evocative tracks that stirs up the soul of the listener. Her latest effort “Three Hours” dives into the dynamics of feeling stuck in one place and the brooding feeling that comes with it. Over a somber and quite melancholic backdrop, she shares her fears, hopes, and dreams while contemplating what the future would look like for her and her partner. At the end of it all, she doesn’t have the answers but she is certain that her feelings for that person will remain unchanged. Armed with a commanding vocal tone, she delivers a sultry and honeyed performance that ebb and flows as the track progress from warm dreamy textures into lofi nostalgic sounds towards the end.

“Three Hours” is taken from Barron’s upcoming EP, Angel Numbers. The EP is a 4 track body of work that explores her ever-expanding artistic growth and it was written and recorded in and recorded in an old church-turned-studio. The entire project was crafted alongside her longtime collaborators Mario Sulaksana (keys, production), Junho Kim(bass), Jonathan Muir Cotton (bass), Tariq Gardner (drums) the studio, and producer and engineer, Samuel Peters.

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