This new video  ‘Anything But Homework‘ from Bronx emcee/producer Sado-San caught me off guard and I had to view it a second time to get the crux of the matter. It is obvious the cat has a left field influence judging from what I viewed. The visuals are somewhat enthralling, dark with some alternative feel to it. Lyrically, Sado-San keeps it sincere and doesn’t force the flow; his distinct vocals blends well with the moody backdrop.

Totally new to this man and I will surely pay more attention to his music as time permits.

Sado-San is a 19 year old Bronx, New York Native. He is the co-founder, producer and engineer for the New York based rap collective Ragnarok. He discovered his passion for hip-hop after discovering he couldn’t sing very well (originally he wanted to start a punk rock band) and listening to J-DIlla intensely for the 1st time in his life. Heavily influenced by both the legendary DIlla and Nujabes, he decided to take a “behind the scenes” approach to music and become a producer. 

[wpsharely]Download Anything But Homework’: Soundcloud[/wpsharely]

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