Emerging Uk singer/songwriter Rufus shares a new single “Taking Flight” which comes on the heels of his debut single “One Eye Open.” The singer brings a unique blend of R&B/rap and alternative-pop into the mix alongside his insightful and evocative lyrical style and distinct melodic runs. On “taking Flight” he makes use of a mid-tempo but punchy trap-infused atmospheric backdrop to deliver his candid thoughts on following his dreams and avoiding the unforeseen drama that comes with it.

He is currently preparing to release his debut project.

Hailing from Wiltshire in the southwest of England, the gifted singer, songwriter, musician and producer fell in love with music from an early age and showed instant promise. From writing and performing at local venues as a teenager to producing for his peers while at college, Rufus has been honing his craft as an artist and is ready for the world to take him in. The exciting British talent has been hard at work with fellow producers such as TheElements (StormzyHeadlie OneZara Larsson), Remedee (AJ TraceyUnknown TNot3s), Kxlla K (Lethal BizzleSneakbo) and Chris Rich (DigDatAbra Cadabra) to bring the vision for his outlier fusion sound to life.


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