Fresh set of beats coming from this awesome project if you’ve missed it so far then its time to catch up on the dopeness and cop the first 2 entries! whoop whoop!!

Soul Starr – LoopInn

Black Noi$e – Everythang Off

Gadget – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

From the project:

We are proud to announce our 3rd installment of our Beat Submission Compilation, which features talented producers from all over the world sampling the vast catalog of Roy Ayers, as he is a proven inspiration to musicians, producers, dj’s and beat makers world wide. Since this is our 3rd compilation, and we have released the other two compilations exactly four months apart, that means that we have been doing our beat submissions process for an entire year! When we started the call for submissions, we knew we would get some great material, but who would have thought that we would have received enough material to release a different instrumental every week for over a year and counting? Not only have we had the blessing of exposing some great talents, we have also made some friends along the way, developing some great relationships with some of our participants. It has been a pleasure to be able to feature these producers’ great work, as well demonstrate the magnificence of Roy Ayers’ music and it’s ability to transcend cultures, languages, and nationalities. The beat submission compilations are proof of just that.

Download for free below!

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