Roy 3.0 is a Jazz pianist and hip hop artist. Apart from his musical expertise, Roy is also a producer. Though Jazz and Hip Hop are quite far apart, Roy’s music has been appreciated by the fans of both these music genres.

Growing up, Roy had always been interested in music, and he followed legendary jazz and hip hop artists diligently. Eventually, when he decided to take up music professionally, he drew inspiration from those legends. This marriage of hip hop and jazz is in full effect in this track you are about to enjoy.

‘OG Talk’ is the finale track from Roy 3.0’s OG $wank project. The intent of this track is to showcase Roy’s lyrical ability giving fan’s a wrap up of the project body or work and what to come with the next project.

OG Talk is also available on Soundcloud and Apple Music. Make sure to follow Roy 3.0 on Instagram and Twitter.

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