Raw, elaborative, sarcastic, outside the box, mixed with a little bit crazy…these are only a few words to describe the multi- dimensional madness that is Neza. The rapper lures his listeners into his world with his plethora of beats, then takes them on a lyrical trip unlike any other. Born in Annapolis, MD, Neza (born Chris Cotman) has been surrounded by music all throughout his time growing up. He found himself intrigued with producing music of his own, along with writing his own lyrics. At the age of 8, Cotman began his musical journey with nothing but a composition notebook and a keyboard. He began performing his material at festivals and small venues, gaining support and exposure. As he grew older, he further immersed himself deeper into his music, honing his skills one song at a time. New listeners be forewarned – don’t expect just one style. Neza carries a bag of tricks as he delivers his musical genius, seamlessly flowing from one style of music to another, leaving you grasping and clawing for more. Now Teaming Up with Music Producer Ojizz, Neza Embarks on recreating himself & making the Best music he possibly can. Being pushed to his creative limits by Ojizz, Neza is nothing short of being one of the GOAT’s.

You can further stream the song on Spotify and Deezer then go give the artist a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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