Rowlan is back with a new record he calls “Now”. Over a mellow laid back gloomy backdrop, Rowlan states his mission statement with much conviction as he raps “…I made a kilo of Christina out a triple beam/ And now that mountain that I was prepping for is my height/ I watch my brands’ cross over kill a triple team/ And ever since I witnessed murder I ain’t been right...”


BIO: Thomas Rowland, better known by his stage name Rowlan, is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer hailing from Los Angeles, California by way of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Rowlan is an artist with one goal in mind; producing and creating meaningful content for the people to feel, and relate to.
Originally, music was Rowlan’s therapeutic avenue of release. Any thought that didn’t need to stay in his head found it’s way out through song. He touches many hearts with over a million plays on SoundCloud, and he’s evolved himself into being his own boss. Throughout Rowlan’s journey he’s found a deeper connection and admiration for the arts. Now, there’s more of an intense level of detail when blending his surroundings and culture into his music. He matches with music with intense energy on stage too. Over the last 3 and a half years, Rowlan has built a strong following with a steady release of 6 EP/Albums, multiple randomly released singles, and a good slew of shows. He’s worked with various talents like Jon Connor Termanology and Diana Inez. 


Keep up with  RowlandSoundcloud : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram

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