The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Invisible Cloud Orchestra x FoePound McGinnis x Groove. – “What Do I Know…”

Invisible Cloud Orchestra, FoePound McGinnis and Groove. team up for this heartfelt and reflective collaboration titled  “What Do I Know….” A blend of jazz and lofi sounds laced with evocative lyrics. Solid from start to finish.



The Neverending Mixtape – “Murder”

The Neverending Mixtape returns with “Murder” a heavy hard-hitting jam ripe with no holds barred lyrics and cinematic production. “Murder is a high-energy banger that adds a modern twist to the classic southern sound of Memphis and Texas artists. It’s a great track for workout playlists and it’s sure to get your head moving.”

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Derek Forreal x Big Rick – “Bob Ross”

Derek Forreal and Big Rick embody the spirit of the famous painter “Bob Ross” in their newest collaboration. The production is somewhat moody and solemn but the performance is impassioned and well crafted.
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INNOMUNO – “Runnin’ “

Zimbabwe singer/songwriter INNOMUNO delivers this heartwarming track titled “Runnin’ ” on our list. Over a warm and sublime backdrop, he shares his thoughts on the endless search for wealth and success.
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Headless Hec – “My Kingdom”

Headless Hec‘s “My Kingdom” is a reflective and insightful track about building one’s life. He makes use of a moody backdrop for his detailed lyrics which dive into struggles and hardships that listeners can relate to.

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Amy Swift – “More to Us”

Amy Swift‘s new release “More to Us” is the lead single from her upcoming debut album Moving. Over a soulful and reflective backdrop, she delivers solid vocal runs ripe with deep melodic stylings and heartfelt lyrics about heartbreak and self-doubts that occur within a relationship.
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Ntitled x saüd x Kali-B x NF Gram – “Bless”


Producer/rapper Ntitled shares a new single “Bless” featuring fellow producer saüd , Kali-B, and NF Gram. Over a cinematic and punchy backdrop, the Saudi artist delivers a heartfelt and reflective piece that we all can grow on. With the exception of NF Gram, who hails from Khobar, all artists are Riyadh-based, establishing “Bless” as a true family affair.

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Foolish Immortals – “Porcelain Bus”


Canadian rapper Foolish Immortals come through in a “Porcelain Bus” as he breaks the mold with his off-kilter rap style.

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Dango Forlaine – “Get It Up”


Dango Forlaine makes his entry on our site with “Get It Up” a mellow and somber track that is ripe with solemn and reflective raps.

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Soviets – “Juggernaut”


“Juggernaut” is a pure display of lyricism by emerging rap group Soviets. Over a cinematic backdrop, we get to hear unfiltered tandem of raw raps filled with inner rhyme schemes and vivid imager.

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Paollo13 – “Growing Pains”


Paollo13‘s “Growing Pains” is a coming-of-age tale of the rapper’s life. Over a soulful sample, he takes listeners around his hood and the various characters who made him tick.
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Spoxxie – “Opp Pack”

Spoxxie delivers a vivid and detailed tale of his life and his hood on “Opp Pack.” The track is short and quite engaging as Spoxxie brings to the forefront a unique lyric style.

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Radamiz – “Healing Takes Time ” featuring Topaz Jones


NY emcee Radamiz links with Topaz Jones for this solid lyric-dense track titled “Healing Takes Time .” The production has a relaxing and sublime vibe and fits Radamiz’s detailed and evocative lyrical style.
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K.M. – “Back Home”

K.M. takes us “Back Home” in his new single. Over a smooth and bouncy texture, he shows us his family tree and the various relatives who make his life tick. It’s quite detailed and nostalgic. Overall it’s K.M’s way of appreciating the people in his life.

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JoeJoe Boddie and JBadge -” BACK”

The duo of JoeJoe Boddie and JBadge dig deep on this heartfelt collaboration titled” BACK.” Over a somber guitar-laden backdrop, the duo gives us profound listens we all need and can learn from in these crazy times.

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Pegasus Warning – “In Love Again”


Pegasus Warning caught our ears with this vibrant soulful ballad “In Love Again.” Bolstered by a rousing drum groove, lush melodic chords, and textures, the singer delivers a stunning vocal performance that ebb and flows as it progresses.

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Bobby Part Time x Claire Virginia – “Lose My Mind”


Bobby Part Time teams up with singer Claire Virginia for this punchy soulful track titled “Lose My Mind.” Bobby delivers a vibrant performance ripe with uplifting and motivational themes that aim to push us to success. Claire Virginia comes through with a commanding and soulful chorus to tie it all together.


Death by Tapioca – “Take it There”

Canadian rapper/songwriter Death by Tapioca shares with us his new release entitled “Take it There.” A mellow atmospheric but punchy track that is ripe with carefree flow and stream of consciousness raps. The hook is catchy as well and memorable.

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Rowlan – “Never U”


Rowlan reflects on the past on this somber track titled “Never U.” He makes use of a moody and sublime backdrop to detail a tale of a relationship gone wrong.

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JMNI – “Some People”


LA-based Soul Hop duo JMNI (Gemini) made up of Jonathan Malone and Mark Pelli share this heartfelt and relatable tune titled “Some People.” The track has a summery and soulful vibe while the rappers detail their experiences with certain people who only come around when they need something. It is honest, relatable, and gives a hilarious view of their frustrations.
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S.Lokez x KB – “Likkle Man”

“Likkle Man” is the newest release from UK rap duo S.Lokez and KB who take us into the street life and the various situations people find themselves in. Over MikeyJo‘s somber piano-laden backdrop, they deliver heartfelt lines that everyone can relate to.

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