Lady Tee The Difference is back with the visuals for her previously released single “I AINT YO BITCH”.  The powerful single is something we should all pay attention to in this day and age where sexist derogatory terms get used like no man’s business.

The visual kicks off with a short radio interview with Lady Tee stating the reason behind her stance on the word “bitch”. The scene then switches to a classroom setting, and a rally of women, Lady Tee schools the listener and shuts it down by making her closing statement with – “No matter how you try to say it, I’ma take offense. Aint no compliment in calling me a bitch!”

Some women may accept it, some women don’t, and regardless of the over-glorified acceptance, Lady Tee The Difference is making it extremely clear that – she AINT YO BITCH! With an anthem like this, quickly gaining recognition, she’s definitely bound to make a DIFFERENCE!


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