Manchester, UK Hip Hop recording artist, Rowen James shares a thought-provoking single titled “Greatest Trick.” A mellow track that explores the economic woes, change of lifestyles, and much more that goes on in this modern era we live in.

Backed by BVTMAN‘s melancholic and somewhat soulful production, James gives a very poignant take on how materialism, capitalism, and nihilism have affected our way of thinking. Far from preaching or looking down on people, James approaches it from an objective standpoint peppered with relatable situations. With lines like  “…Nobody cares about your many kicks, the animal embroidered on your track and shit/ you need to focus on your outcome, it’s not about your income/ they trick us to believe money supersedes our wisdom…” he questions the general materialistic lifestyle we might be used to and follows with a line that shows the endless cycle we are thrown in from the day we are born.

“Greatest Trick” is the 3rd release taken from his forthcoming Grown Up Talk EP

Get “Greatest Trick” on Soundcloud.

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