The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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NoTrace x J.Plaza – “More Than Me”


“More Than Me” is an upbeat anthemic track from NoTrace and J. Plaza who raise the ante with their motivational lyrics and commanding performance. The record is bolstered by the rousing hard-hitting trap backdrop by Pandora Nightz.
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Kxzz – “F.Y.W.”


Kxzz‘s new release “F.Y.W.” is a heartfelt and honest look at finding self-worth in all things from life, career, and relationship. He makes use of a sobering and soulful guitar-driven backdrop to share his thoughts on the issue.
The emcee uses his lyrical ability to remind listeners that even when at the bottom you deserve much more than most give themselves credit for.

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STEP1 – “Jam” (feat. Zack Cross)


Northern VA genre-bending quartet known as STEP1 share their new vibrant single titled “Jam” which sees them teaming up with pianist/producer Zack Cross. The result is an upbeat track ripe with insightful elements and lyris that dwell on the true essence of personal growth in the face of adversity. “Jam” is out now on SoundCloud and all streaming platforms here. It is the first single off STEP1’s second album, Right Back, due out in Spring 2022. STEP1 is a foursome of childhood friends from Northern Virginia who have made music together for over a decade.



O.D.D.I.T.Y – “Paranoid”


O.D.D.I.T.Y makes his entry on our site with “Paranoid” a dark and soothing record that explores the rapper’s mental state and vivid lyricism that dwell on his inner demons and how he copes with the situation.

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Stuart Wilson – “Head Up In the Clouds”

Modern reggae renaissance act Stuart Wilson shares his first release for the year 2022 in the form of this celebratory track titled “Head Up In the Clouds.” The uplifting tune is ripe with positive messages and celebratory vibes bolstered by soothing melodic runs, lush guitar riffs, and stepping reggae drum grooves.
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Ro Bless – “I AM”

Ro Bless‘s new release “I AM” is a heartfelt and uplifting track that dwells on being patient and focused on one’s goals ignoring the external distractions.

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Young Leonard x Mumbay – “You Know It”


German hip-hop acts Young Leonard and Mumbay team up for this solemn and bravado-laden tune titled “You Know It.” The track sees them reflecting on their talents and being true to themselves.

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Dicke Garcon – “TIME of TRIUMPH”


Dicke Garcon brings listeners closer to the action with his single “TIME of TRIUMPH.” He makes use of a free-flowing style ripe with vivid imagery and the backdrop has a soulful sample and crunchy drums to boot.
Dicke Garco is a Brooklyn, New York-based emcee/producer and sound engineer.

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AzMattic & RhymSter – “Who Cares”


The duo of AzMattic & RhymSter team up for a solid tandem lyrical display in their new collaborative single titled “Who Cares.” Over a jazz and head-nodding groove, listeners are entertained by their engaging cadences and off-kilter lyricism that dwell on the realization that you are in this business alone until you really make some noise.

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Rowen James – “VENT”


UK emcee Rowen James come through with a new single “VENT” which sees him pouring his frustrations with the current state of the music industry on wax. Over a moody and soothing backdrop, he details the underhanded way social media has been manipulated to control the narrative resulting in Public divisions and dehumanizing outcomes. Ultimately the record points out social and authoritarian contradictions and asks the difficult probing questions many are avoiding.




Roddod – “Wake Up”

Roddod returns with a smooth reflective gem titled “Wake Up,” that explores the hurdles and struggles of coming from nothing. His music is his personal therapy from the craziness of the world.

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Dėnz – “Gotham”


Indie Canadian rapper Dėnz introduces us to his town in the reflective tune titled “Gotham.” Over a smooth soul sample (shouts to Little brother) he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with vivid lyricism about his current hometown of Montreal which has recorded its highest number of murders in the last 10 years.



Dominé Brishawn – “Red Flags”





GRAMMY Award-winning artist Dominé Brishawn drops her new single “Red Flags” A somber heartfelt track that sees her working with producer Clay Xavier who helps craft the perfect soulful backdrop for her sultry melodic runs and vivid lyricism. Birthed out of Dominé’s own experiences of being extremely infatuated with someone and ignored all the obvious red flags but ultimately she went through the toxic situation and got out, albeit the hard way.
“Red Flags” is the lead single from her debut EP, Nothing Personal, which showcases the diverse sound of the fast-rising singer/songwriter.



Cashflow Colly – “Make Mine”


Cashflow Colly‘s new single “Make Mine” is an honest and candid track about money and what it brings to one’s life. he makes use of a somber jazz-infused backdrop he takes listeners through the grit and grime of a true hustler trying to stack the proverbial cheddar.

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iLLAH – “She’s A Rydah”


Canadian emcee iLLAH comes through with a moody and cinematic track titled “She’s A Rydah.” Over a soulful backdrop, he details a unique relationship that is hard to find these days. This song is off his recently released album, An Eye 4 An Ear.

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Shades Lawrence – “Love Ting”


“Love Ting” is a heartfelt and honest track delivered by Montreal-born hip hop artist Shades Lawrence, who blends elements of spoken word poetry with unique lyricism. Over a sublime and ethereal backdrop, she pours her heart on wax with a detailed tale of love, betrayal, and self-realization.


Re.decay x Shekhinah x ADH – “Farther”


Berlin-based production duo Re.decay team up with longtime collaborator ADH and South African songstress Shekhinah for this eclectic track titled “Farther.” Its bolstered by a smooth percussion groove, lush guitar riffs, and smooth textures that blend with the vocalist’s different stylings. From Shekhinah’s sultry melodic runs to the detailed lyricism delivered by ADH, the track sure brings the goods.

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Uzee The Bovvaking – “The Covenant”


Nigerian emcee Uzee The Bovvaking makes his entry on our site with his new solo single titled “The Covenant” A reflective and somber tack that details his journey as an artist in the game. Uzee The Bovvaking is also a 1/2 member of the HipHop Producer/Emcee Duo Jazz and Vodka with French Producer Grolok Panicrum.




Indie emcee FEELSOUL pours adulation on the classy ladies out there in his new single titled “MUYELAGANTE.” Over a lush and soulful backdrop, he describes the characteristics of the most elegant lady in his life and shows her the good life that she deserves.


Kobby G x Spooky The Maniac x Delis – “Dw33t33 (Money)”

“Dw33t33 (Money)” is an anthemic jam by Ghanian acts Kobby G, Spooky The Maniac, and Nigerian artist Delis. The title means “money” in Twi (a popular dialect in Ghana) and sees the trio team up for an upbeat, motivational drill track that we all can rock with.
“Dw33t33 (Money)” is the first single of The West Coast of Africa EP; a joint project by Kobby G and SpOOky ThE ManiaC. it was produced by Jay Erl and mixed and mastered by Fortune Dane.

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LOGVN closes out this week’s playlist with “WOLF” a diss track that showcases his lyrical ferocity. Over a somber backdrop, he delivers a plethora of scathing verses towards a former friend who tried to ruin his life with lies.

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