Ronald Mkiza is a 25-year-old indie artist who shows off his lyrical sharpness and confidence in his new single “Can’t Get Enough.”

In minutes Mkiza describes how he moves in and out of the industry. He exudes next-level conviction in each bar, “watch how far I came a new habit I enjoy” is just a drizzle of what to expect.

Mkiza is self-employed and self-deployed with goals that are too specific and dreams that are vivid. All the pieces in his life fall into line and become better with time.

The empowering lyrical performance is encompassed by an infectious sonic backdrop that intensifies Mkiza’s rawness. The record is ideal for anyone who needs a self-motivating boost or for those ready to take over the world. Stream “Can’t Get Enough” and connect with Ronald Mkiza below.

Connect with Ronald Mkiza




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