Since the inception of Rap/Hip Hop, the culture has always been direct in terms of the elements that it’s made up of. whether b-boying, deejaying, bombing et al, each participant had to be somewhat defiant and bold enough to step up on the scene. Producer/emcee Roga Raph is no exception, he knows his worth, most likely done his homework and studied enough to a point where detractors are just job hazards and nothing more.
His new joint “Fck Wut They Say” is as direct a title can be but beneath it all is a man trying to be all he can be in the midst of animosity and daily obstacles. Digging the throwback feel of this cut(real heads should be familiar with backdrop employed).

I need not say more, solid stuff and keep your eye out for his upcoming project “Visionary Shift”

MP3 Download (Free):  HERE

For times when the haters try to throw shade at your dreams, take a page from Roga Raph’s playbook. “Fck Wut They Say,” the first video from his forthcoming free release, Visionary Shift, has the New York rapper dropping knowledge darts over his self-produced, jazzy instrumental. The Ques Williams directed visuals constructs an honest glimpse of Raph as he casually meanders through various downtown whereabouts with his crew, while enjoying every bit of the journey. Visionary Shift is set for a late February release date, so mark your calendars and keep this on repeat.

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