Roga Raph taps into the past on his new body of work titled “Nostalgiks”. The 13 track project is a solid mesh of retro and new age sensibilities. As the title implies, there’s an undeniable old-school vibe on Nostalgiks, and Raph knows that some listeners will try to put him in a box. “I anticipate that people will try to categorize me for having ’90s influenced music, but the fact of the matter is I love all types of styles,” he says. “I like to consider myself an ‘experimentalist,’ always trying to enhance the feel whether it be through beats or flow.”


“I’m always doing me. That’s the whole objective. Everybody has their own perspective and that’s what I’ve always loved about hip-hop.”—Roga Raph on his new album

That desire to experiment and “enhance the feel” is what makes the album so compelling from the jump. Raph sets the tone on the blistering head-nodder “Bring It Back” and never lets up, whether he’s tinkering with left-field vibes on “Swimming” or straight-up unloading bars on “Where Ya R.”

Nostalgiks is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, via 2inphinity.


Nostalgics (Stream/Download Links):

Watch his previously released videos here

• “Won’t Stop”:

• “Stand Up”:


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