Toronto-based hip hop artist Rich Lindo and Nigerian singer John Ogba team up for an insightful piece titled “Gone.”  The track is an upbeat and punchy trap backdrop layered with some Afropop elements and features relatable and evocative lyrics from Lindo.

Lindo really delivers with an impassioned vocal tone and vivid lyrics about friendship and betrayal, themes many of us are familiar with. He explores it from the reflective viewpoint and makes note of the fact that he has moved on to greater things leaving all the fake friends and detractors behind. Ogba also comes through with a solid chorus, emphasizing the theme of the song with his deep and rich melodic vocals and insightful lyrics.

Black Lion Productions founder Rich Lindo is one of the more promising independent artists to emerge from the Canadian hip hop scene in recent memory. For the past several years he has been steadily building a reputation as a dynamic producer and clever lyricist whose songs are as entertaining as they are inspiring.

 Get “Gone” on all DSPs here.

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