Considering that the lady known as Jean Grae makes rare LA appearances for shows, it’s an opportunity that every LA fan needed to come support the Chinky Eyed movement for their 10 year anniversary! So, in all honesty,.. it is fair to say that when there’s an artist that can make noise in the scene, and it just so happens to be a woman, LA will be there! Plus it’s not surprising that the address of 2419 N. Broadway in Lincoln Heights got so jam-packed that when Jean Grae finally arrived to do her set, it took her a minute to get to the stage because everyone was flocking around her to take pictures, let alone.. talk to her! Even Just Blaze stopped by to show support!

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To be quite honest with you, besides seeing Jean Grae’s set, I only got to see Hopsin & Swizzz’s set because the inside of the venue (as you see above) is pretty small and PACKED! For those of you that dont know, the Airliner doesnt have any type of air conditioning systems in there, plus its an OLD historic building.. so everyone had to to go to the patio to cool off. Unfortunately, even the patio was packed outside, so you had to go downstairs to the main floor’s patio.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that the group Hopsin & Swizzz is definitely a group to check out. I think after two or three songs, I became a fan. Once their set ended, Mr. Len (Company Flow) spun some tunes to get down to, warming up the crowd for Jean to come on. Once that happened, Mr. Len split the floor into two, so that Jean could walk down the corridor to get on the stage.

Among performing some of her classic stuff like ‘Love Thirst’, ‘A-Alikes’, and a few 9th Wonder produced tracks, she also performed tracks off her new Cookies or Comas joint like ‘You Dont Like It, So What’, among others (honestly I forgot; I was so in awe still)…

One thing I do remember for sure was that everyone was thrilled to be in her presence. I hope she returns soon for another show! Thank you, ChinkyEyed LA for another dope event, and major congratulations for providing LA with some dope acts in hiphop for 10+ years!

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