The NYC-based duo, Revenge of the Truence makes their debut on TWIB with their new single “The Outbreak” that taps into the classic boom-bap sound we all grew up on. The duo comprised of thoroughbred emcees MuGGz and Tay Dayne bring back that raw sound over the gritty backdrop courtesy of producer Endemic Emerald.

From the moment you hit the play button, you can tell the duo are not here for play as they deliver bars that blend the abstract with the direct, painting lyrical pictures that take repeated listens to decipher and understand.

The thing is, you’ll only grow to love their rhymes more with each spin as you pick up on lines like, “Same time Arnold killed Tookie, sh*t was foul on my mental/ N***as turn they back on me, finger-pointin’, rattin’ on me” and “Every dog has its day, don’t get caught with no fleas/ Better cover all your dues or get covered in fees.” It’s all about the bars for these cats and they do away with any fancy hooks to get our attention and let’s be honest there is no need for the flash and flare as their dense lyrical skills carry weight.

“The Outbreak” which is taken from their forthcoming EP, H1N1, due out June 05 via No Cure Records. EP Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp here.



01. The Outbreak

02. Table of Elements

03. H1N1

03. Trading Places

04. Major Way


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