Emerging Southside Chicago emcee Relic The Bully mkes his entry on TWIB with a couple of tracks from his stash. The rapper blends a mix of insightful and relatable lyrics with energetic candecnes and well-crafted soundscape to help deliver the message.

The first cut is the ” DCMA – “Remix” which sees him reflecting on unrequited love and the dynamics of a one sided relationship. He also dives into toxic relationships and some othee heartfelt and hilarious situations that we men can relate to.

Stream ” DCMA – “Remix” on  YouTubeApple MusicDeezer or on all DSPs here.

Bel-Air” is his own take on the story of the Fresh Prince if he never mad eit to Bel-Air. Over a moody and ominous soundscape, he flips the script and approahce sthe story from the perspective of gang members who bully Will Smith and gives a new viewpoint from the other side of the coin.

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