Bronx, NY-based Christian rapper Reborn Tha Rebizzle discovered Christian Rap in the Summer of 2000 and hasn’t looked back since. With decades of experience and skills behind him, he delivered his debut EP in 2018 followed by a slew of singles and videos and he even ventured into DJing. Now he returns with a new single/video “The Showdown” which sets the stage for his style of uplifting and faith-based raps. Over the cinematic and anthemic boom-bap backdrop, Reborn gets ready for the trials and tribulations of this world and implores everyone to load up on their spirituality to combat the many external forces that try to detract you from the light.

The song comes with a promo video that captures Reborn doing his thing in his neighbourhood.


Reborn Tha Rebizzle has also set up his own production company called Re Beatz Productionz. This is where he releases all his music such as his first full-length album PRINCIPLES OF LIFE. A project that touches on themes of blasphemy, sins, and, as the rapper puts it himself, “the trials and tribulations of life”. Reborn Tha Rebizzle even kicks off and ends this project surrendering to the glory of God, reminding listeners of the power that an unwavering faith can offer. A truly inspiring listen filled with insightful storytelling, bold hooks and impactful beats, this album is the one for you if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on life.

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