Reagan Era Records is made up of crew members Dios NegasiSkrillz Dior, and Halo who are LA rhyme veterans. Their newest release “88 Kane” takes the listener back to the golden era of rap as each emcee interpolates classic rap quotes over a solid breakbeat.

Backed by the classic dusty boom-bap production by King Dios, the crew members waste no time in delivering the goods. Rap lovers will rejoice as classic songs from Whodini, Biggie Smalls, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, and more gets revamped here.

The name Reagan Era Records is a reference to the golden era of rap and the period where President Ronald Reagan presided over the USA. It mainly denotes the craziness of that era where the streets were wild and people had to do crazy things to survive on a daily basis. Reagan Era Records has also added new emcees Sneek Rothstein, Dyverse, Lefty Barnes, Rello, and Ike Burners to the rooster.

“88 Kane” is the first taste of the self-titled full-length album to drop in late November.

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