It would be foolhardy to front on Ras Kass’s musical legacy. Coming from the West, Ras exemplified what a true lyricist should sound like. Beyond metaphors, punchlines, double entendres, Ras also gave us different slices to his well rounded pie from socio economics, history, religion etc. I was still a young pup when his debut (Soul On Ice) came out and didn’t get into his music till shortly after his sophomore LP(Rasassination). Granted I became a fan and followed his life from his label troubles(how they f up Van Gogh & Golden Chyld), run in with the law(the very infamous one) and the  Horsemen Project (that never became official). Back to the mater at hand, Ras Kass just announced a follow up to SOI -which drops later this year but in the interim he gifts us with “Downward Spiral” alongside veterans Freddie Foxx and Sticky Fingaz. You already know how heavy this is!!!

Soul On Ice II will arrive in two parts; Intellectual Property hits first in June 2016, while SOI2drops later this year in December. You can get familiar with what to expect by keeping the “Downward Spiral” (off Intellectual Property) on repeat. Peep the full project trailer HERE

Given that Ras is an independent artist, he’s releasing Soul On Ice II on his own, and just launched an Indiegogo campaign to finance the project. You can learn more about the campaign (and contribute!) HERE:


Nearly two decades after the release of his classic debut, West Coast stalwart Ras Kass returns to Soul On Ice for a two-part follow-up album led by tough-as-nails lead single “Downward Spiral.” It boasts neck-snapping production by UK’s ILLinformed, and a series of grimy features from Freddie Foxxx and Onyx’s Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz.

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