Rapper-Big-Pooh-580x459This man requires no introduction, as one third of the now defunct Little Brother he showed us what I would call a tip of the iceberg and upon the release of his debut album “Sleepers” he solidified his standing as an artist that can carry his own. That was 2005, fast forward to the present time, we look back at the ups and downs, highs and lows and most importantly the growth of the man we all know as Rapper Big Pooh.

Let me start off with, Fat boy fresh volume 2, 5th album, 2 plus mixtapes deep. How does that feel personally in terms of growth and obvious life changes from the time you dropped “sleepers”.

It feels like worlds apart to be honest. I put out my first solo album in 2005 and had to pushed to do that. I’ve grown as a man and artist during that time, a lot.


Sound wise, I definitely felt a change in what you are doing with Astronote, how did you connect with him and find that balance and chemistry?

I have been familiar with Astronote for a few years. He hit me up to do some work with him and Sha Stimuli and we discussed doing an EP. That EP turned into ‘FatBoyFresh Vol2′. The chemistry just came from doing songs in batches and seeing what we had and working from there.


The features on there are particularly brilliant, its nice to see some familiar names from the justus league(Joe Scudda, Chaundon) and a few new ones also. Is there a plan of showcasing a new wave of emcees with every subsequent project? Any possibilities of  another justus league compilation?

Thank you. I don’t usually go into any project with set list of features but for this project I knew early on that I wanted to shine some light on a couple of guys who didn’t have the type of platform I had as an artist at the time. I usually let the music dictate the features.

As far as another JLeague compilation, the one we did should be treasured. LOL.

You are well known for being insightful and self poignant with the subject matter and lyrics. have you ever gotten any major backlash from stating your point of view on personal issues involving you, 9th and Phonte?

No backlash because I don’t get into our personal issues. I keep them personal.



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