Eight years after their self-titled debut on Stones Throw, Quakers are back with a new single “Double Jointed” featuring The Koreatown Oddity. Quakers are made up of Supa K (fka Katalyst), 7STU7, and Fuzzface aka Geoff Barrow who are pushing the envelope in terms of alternative hip-hop with their off-kilter soundscapes and themes.

“Double Jointed” is a very visceral and thought-provoking single that is ripe with cinematic and somewhat ominous textures. It sure strays far from the norm and lends its strengths to The Koreatown Oddity’s passionate rap performance and unapologetic lyrics. Lines like “Sometimes praying bibles ain’t enough for the dark-skinned niggaz that don’t hide from the sun/Take the life from your son and everyone you love” shows how years of oppression and religious conformity shaped the current state. He goes forth to add “This ain’t no spray tan or reverse Vitiligo/It’s my permanent skin that I didn’t decide on” as he reflects on his own being and how he can’t help being who he is. The video was created by Koreatown Oddity and Mark Bijasa with illustrations by Aaron Douglass and other artists from Alain Locke’s anthology The New Negro (1925) 

“Double Jointed”  is taken from Quakers’ upcoming project II: The Next Wave. You can Preorder it here

Quakers – II: The Next Wave Tracklist


  1. Electrify
  2. Start It Like This (feat. Phat Kat)
  3. One Of A Kind (feat. Guilty Simpson)
  4. Sell Your Soul
  5. Bare Essentials (feat. The Niyat)
  6. A Myth (feat. Sageinfinite)
  7. This Station (feat. Jeremiah Jae)
  8. Alive
  9. Heat On It (feat. Grandmilly)
  10. Double Jointed (feat. The Koreatown Oddity)
  11. Who Dat (feat. Chester Watson)
  12. Radiola (feat. Radioactivists)
  13. Gun Control (feat. The Black Opera)
  14. We Tried
  15. Duck & Cover (feat. Guilty Simpson, Cysion)
  16. Morphine (feat. Bob Banner)
  17. Approach With Caution (feat. Sampa The Great)
  18. The Streets
  19. Looking For Love (feat. Denmark Vessey)
  20. Fa Real (feat. Jeru The Damaja)
  21. A Quick Fix (feat. Y2, Super Vic)
  22. Test My Patience (feat. Jonwayne)
  23. Too Many To Count
  24. Greatness (feat. Nolan The Ninja)
  25. Hit List (feat. Cazeaux O.L.S.O)
  26. Another Kind Of War (feat. Jeremiah Jae)
  27. Leaflet Drops
  28. One O’clock
  29. All Of It (feat. Boog Brown)
  30. Machine Room (feat. Fat Ray)
  31. Pain (feat. SavKillz)
  32. The Line (feat. Cavalier)
  33. Blocks (feat. Dante Boom)

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