PZMST delivers his new song “Wonder” which will make you think deeply about the world we live in today.  Over a synth-led nostalgic backdrop, he takes some time to speak on the impact of clout chasing, and social media culture on our lives. It’s quite an interesting outlook as it makes the listener step back and think for a second before joining the narcissistic online collective where the narrative that going viral is the most important currency. At the end of it all, he urges us all to do better.

“Wonder” is off his follow-up EP which is set to drop later in 2019.

PZMST is an underground MC from Sydney, Australia who, along with his frequent collaborator LaVine, create soulful hip-hop music all the way from down under. After dropping a collaboration EP “After Hours” in 2016, and his debut solo EP “Driving Late at Night” in 2018, which got play on Sydney stations Bondi Beach Radio and FBI Radio, he is sure to be a big voice in the game sooner rather than later. 


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