Propo’88 & BlabberMouf of Da Shogunz are back at again, as they recently dropped some visuals for ‘Shit Iz Buttah’ off there album From The Top Of The Stack (2012). Da Shogunz Crew includes: 2 MC’s (BlabberMouf and Corown Da Sensei aka CDS) and 4 producers (Propo’88, Truffel The Phunky Phaqir, DJ Realize and Kick Back). Da Shogunz are killing the Hip-Hop movement in Holland. With each member of the group contributing their unique style, together they form a strong foundation for boom-bap’s inevitable revival.

If you haven’t heard this album from Propo’88 & BlabberMouf then you’ve been missing out. ‘Shit Iz Buttah’ can give you a run down of what there all about in one song. Classic hip hop beats that make you wanna nod your head and witty flows from the likes of Blabbermouf that are somewhat reminiscent of the old school Das Efx style. Overall the entire album is a straight banger and can be purchased via bandcamp.

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