Propazip and HUGH STONE are the newest musical duo who made their way to our site with their style of genre-bending music that takes elements from traditional and modern hip-hop. Propazip is a Houston, Texas-based rapper who brings true life experiences to the forefront with his distinct flow and high-pitched vocals that cut through the mix while fellow Hoston native HUGH STONE brings the balance with his expressive flow and equally compelling lyricism that centres on real-time issues that audiences can relate to. Their new release ZIPS & STONES is a 4 track body of work that is 10 minutes long but more than enough to give new audiences a taste of their unique musical blends.

The opening track “Hope” is a Gospel-tinged soulful cut that helps set the stage as both Propazip and HUGH STONE step up to bat with no-holds-barred raps. Over the Gospel vocal samples, bright keys and punchy drum grooves, the emcees share some of their personal experiences with a touch of motivational quips. Propazip leads the charge with insightful lines like  2 things I learned in life is man, you can’t save the whole world/ It’s every man for himself, at least that’s what I heard” followed by STONE’s commanding vocals and unapologetic lines like “You want that Stone feature, Imma need that cash fee/You see these L’s, y’all niggaz class C/Light it up, I probably smoke about a half P”.. The track is also bolstered by the inspirational hook I hope you get what you want/I hope your vision is clear/We know that life ain’t gonna be easy but we made it this year” which is much needed in these crazy times.



Next is “Winnin” which starts with a pitched-up chipmunk-style vocal sample underpinned by bouncy trap drums. No stone is left unturned as Propazip and HUGH STONE trade bravado bars as they run circles around the opposition with bars like “We eating, we lunching, ain’t no assumption, F on his bitch while he munching/ You thought she was feeling you/I pull up with smoke out the ceiling too”. This is followed by “R.I.A”, a smooth R&B-infused bouncy track that showcases their melodic prowess. The chorus is rich and alluring and helps introduce listeners to the duo’s take on love and how they balance their artistic careers. It is no walk in the park but the duo often get things done regardless of the hurdles they face. The final track “Aerial Views” employs a classic soulful sample which music lovers would recognize and it’s perfect for the duo as they bring the project to a close with a blend of vivid storytelling, bravado and their unique stream of consciousness flow influenced by being high off the ground. In any event, audiences are given a bird’s eye view with the duo leading the way as they float away over friendly skies.







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