Sedona Arizona-raised multi-instrumentalist, record producer and singer/songwriter Prezence‘s latest release “Sing ‘n Pray” is an ode to the victims of the ongoing Isreali-Hamas war in Gaza and West Bank and everyone going through hardship around the globe. Backed by a warm and soulful soundscape that blends soul, hip-hop, and reggae with contemporary elements, Prezence pours out his heart with lines like “Historically the worst atrocities commited by humanity/Always done under the illusion of authority/When individuals abdicate their personal responsibility/To carry out hateful orders commanded by a state” and explores the history of the evil done on man by other men. He caps it up with an uplifting and thoughtful chorus reminding us to say a prayer for those in need and take action to be better.

Prezence also reminds us that he refuses to take sides or identify with any group due to his beliefs and acknowledgement of being a “overeign INDIVIDUAL with full SELF-OWNERSHIP of my being AND the karmic consequences of my actions”.



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