Emerging rapper/poet/singer Playing Indigo makes her entrance on our site with two songs from her stash. The eclectic artist blends a wide range of styles into her music and doesn’t conform to the norm.


The first song “BLACK CAPITALISM IS STILL CAPITALISM” is in all-caps for a reason and sees the Indigo sharing her candid thoughts over an offbeat soundscape. She doesn’t mince her words and let it known off the rip that capitalism is terrible no matter how you slice it. Her style is quite hard to box as she blends spoken word with fiery rap verses and seamlessly switches into short melodic runs to complete the mission of versatility. The production here is crafted by Kwame Adu.


The second song “indigo’s Lullaby on Pluto” has an Eastern vibe with the sitar guitars, warm textures, and slightly punchy drum grooves. The track dives into self-affirmation and self-love as a woman in this modern era where the powers that be are working overtime to undermine people of color by underhanded means. The track is not so political but rather a tribute to the power in you as an individual and also a reminder that self love/care is one of the most powerful therapy one can indulge in.

The self-shot video shows Indigo in her element as she basks in her own aura with no care in the world.

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