OG Spliff is in his element as he drops an 8 track body of work titled Pre Roll which is a collaboration with different emerging producers. The project dive into Spliff’s journey as a man in this crazy world where anything can happen and gives listeners quite an interesting perspective on his life even if it’s a snapshot for us to view.

The project opens up with the hazy vibes of “rise2018/GO!-intro” which is an herb-infused medley comprising of 3 different beats for the rapper to showcase his skills. This is followed by the somber synth-driven track “free the blocc (big ol’)” which displays the rapper’s carefree flow and vivid lyrics. The fun continues on “STILL” which makes use of a pitched-down soul sample and exudes a dark cinematic vibe and a soothing melodic performance by Lesthegenius and Sonny Miles. Other dope tracks include the John Singleton-inspired “Baby Boy” which tells a tale similar to the film of the same name. On “MUD” Spliff teams up with Flower in Bloom and Larry Murvin for a tale of struggles and comeuppance in the crazy city.

Overall the project has a consistent theme and the production is quite solid too. If you like your rap infused by the herb, inspired by Curren$y, then this one is for you.


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