Emerging Irish emcee Phev makes his way on our site with his debut project Are We Acquainted? A 6 track body of work that sees him working with rapper/producer Smokey (co-founder of the Róg label) and both craft a body of work that explores Phev’s personal experiences and much more. Phev ensures to give as much revelation on 6 tracks to get the listener familiar with his persona and his thoughts on issues ranging from personal doubts, inner demons, and life in general.


Soundscape wise, the project has a jazzy, reflective feel. The beats are lush, well crafted, and fit the overall theme of introspection and self-awareness. Phev as a rapper has this unique calm demeanor and honesty about him with the way he writes and kicks his rhymes. He is raw, unfiltered but not forceful and more importantly, very relatable. Tracks like “PTSD(Pre Traumatic System Default)” explores the aftereffect of a sour relationship. Phev looks back at what damage it may have had on him as a person and tries to resolve some deep issues. “Selfish Assessment” sees him working with Smokey and both emcees detail their personal lives in a very off-the-cuff manner that every young man can relate to. It can be humorous but it definitely shows his willingness to pour his emotions on wax with ease.

‘Are We Acquainted? sure packs a lot of candid moments and sticks to its theme from start to finish. There are no random party tracks or skits here, just good old visceral, unrestrained rapping over smooth jazz-infused beats.

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