Phantom Phunk is a music project based out of Tampa studio Harmonic Factory. The group is comprised of lead vocalist Parry Ace, rapper Cloudmaster Price, Nick Emiliozzi on drums, and guitarist  Hector Fontanet. Their new single “Wound Up”  featuring C.i.D gets the visual treatment. The genre-fusing band delivers a dose of feel-good and reflective vibes on this tune that is ripe with anthemic horns, lush guitar riffs, and crunchy drums to match.

The visual is quite vibrant, colorful and captures the youthful exuberance of the crew. From quick cut scenes and smooth transitions between performance shots, we get to see how the band do their thing.


The group originally started out as a rock band in 2016, and has since developed into a songwriting team generating contemporary music with urban and experimental flares.


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