Since 2006, Peanut Butter Wolf, founder of the amazing Stones Throw records, has performed an act to mark the extraordinary dates of the year. Last year he took 1100 vinyl and got eleven DJs to spin them, but this year he’s one upped it by performing a twelve hour mix on before hosting an afterparty at the Low End Theory, where twelve DJs will be playing twelve 12″ records each. Crazy. More info after the jump & let’s hope it’s even half as good as Black Classical’s twelve hour mix of spiritual jazz

From StonesThrow:

1. Twelve hour DJ event live from Peanut Butter Wolf’s house broadcast on (8AM-8PM PST)

2. After party at Low End Theory: twelve DJs playing twelve 12-inch records. 2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031, $12, Ages 18+

This year marks the end of the “Wolf vs LA” numerology DJ series. What started as nearly a bad joke on 6/6/2006 has now become a tradition over the past seven years for Stones Throw Records founder/L.A.-based DJ Peanut Butter Wolf.

Each year has a unique theme. For 9/9/9 Wolf spun at a club in a different L.A.-based area code each night, playing only music videos from the 90s. Last year for 11-11-11, he didn’t spin at all, instead bringing 1100 of his personal records to the club and picking 11 of his favorite DJs to spin them.

This year, for the 12th of December – 12/12/12 – Wolf is playing 12-inch vinyl records for 12 hours straight from his home for live web broadcast site An open-to-the-public after party is set at Low End Theory in East L.A. with 12 DJs spinning twelve 12-inch singles each from 8PM-2AM. Converse will be giving away 12 pairs of a limited edition Stones Throw Chuck Taylors at the event.

Throughout the series, Wolf has been joined by some of his favorite DJs like Madlib, A-Trak, Mayer Hawthorne, Prince Paul, Dam-Funk, DJ Muggs, J Rocc, Cut Chemist, Egyptian Lover, Jason Bentley and Gaslamp Killer. Here’s a timeline of past events:

6/6/6 – Jun 6, 2006 | The 666 mix
PBW releases a metal themed 666 mix in the day, spins a similar 666 set at Cinespace that night.

7/7/7 – Jul 1-7, 2007 | The 777 podcast
PBW releases a 777 spiritual podcast mix in the day, then spins in LA 7 nights in a row. 7 clubs, 7 genres, all vinyl.

8/8/8 – Aug 1-8, 2008 | Youtube 8/8/8 commercial
PBW spins in LA 8 nights in a row. 8 clubs, 8 genres, all videos. 

9/9/9 – Sep 1-9, 2009 | 9/9/9 shoes, commercial, list of events
PBW spins in L.A. & Orange County, 9 nights in a row – 9 clubs, 9 area codes, all 90’s videos. Final night with 9 DJs: A-Trak, Arabian Prince, Dam-Funk, J Rocc, Mathieu Schreyer, Mayer Hawthorne, PBW, Romes, and Rhettmatic.

10/10/10 – Oct 10, 2012 | LA Weekly on 10/10/10 
One night only, 10 hours, 10 DJs, all 45s: Baron Zen, Dam-Funk, Danny Holloway, J Rocc, Madlib, Mahssa, Mayer Hawthorne, PBW, Prince Paul, Rhettmatic

11/11/11 – Nov 11, 2011 | LA Weekly: 11/11/11 photo wrap-up
One night only with 11 DJs, $11 ticket price, and 11-hundred of PBWs records with DJs Cole, Diva, Jonti, Vex Ruffin, Scotty Coats, Tom Chasteen, Rhettmatic, Jason Bentley, Dam-Funk, Gaslamp Killer and Cut Chemist.

12/12/12 – Dec 12, 2012 | Facebook: Low End 12/12/12 event page
A live, 12-hour, 12-inch vinyl-only PBW mix for, 8AM-8PM PST. After party at Low End Theory with 12 DJs, 12 records each, all 12-inch singles, 8PM-2AM.

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