Reigniting the flames of an old tradition – that’s what Miss Dessy Di Lauro is doing. A singer-songwriter with a voice full of soul, Di Lauro gives us a taste of what it must have been like to party a century ago.

A catchy mixture of hip-hop, R&B, swing, ragtime, and electronic music, Di Lauro’s sound is something she calls “neo-ragtime.” In her own words: “I like to describe it as, if Cab Calloway, Outkast and Lauryn Hill had a baby, this is probably what it would sound like.” Those are some big names, which means these are big sounds.

Everything about this tune is fun. Everything. The catchy beat is akin to what we hear in modern electro-swing, another repurposing of sounds from the past. The call-and-response structure of the chorus is a classic facet of both jazz and hip-hop. The traditional horn section break is swingin’ and the New Orleans style parade scenes in the video call to mind yet another festive musical tradition.

This video is bursting with party vibes. At the very least, this video is solid proof that if you want to impress, then you should learn to swing dance.

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Much Love.

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