“For Evergreen” is a smooth jazz/soul record from Paris Jones who teams up with MOZZ!. The record deals with coping mechanisms and acceptance of one’s fate in life after a tragic loss. Jones makes use of a classic piano riff and harmony inspired by Lauryn Hill and flips it into his own while detailing his own struggles after the loss of his child. It’s not all gloom and doom as Jones delivers verses laden with uplifting and encouraging words.


In his own words, he adds “Although my son Zephaniah is no longer with me, he is Evergreen and he will never lose his foliage. “Me and Sallie got the flyest babies in heaven you will ever see!”.

“For Evergreen” is taken from his album Zephaniah’s Book of Trees, an album about the different stages of grief. Zephaniah is the name of his son who passed away 6 years ago from birth complications. Every song on this album is named after a tree and every tree represents a different stage of grief.

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