Alternative hiphop act who goes by the name Palo G makes her debut on TWIB with the retro-styled video for her song “You’re Getting”. The song has a vintage feel to it too with its melodic horns, boom-bap patterned drums, and laid back vibe.  Palo G also strays from the norm as her lyrics explore a more personal and somewhat abstract theme on the song.

The video explores the affinity to class and the elegant approach of the revolutionary era, deeply admired by Palo, both aesthetically and musically. The artist recreates a 60s stereotypical scenario in a petrol station and goes for a ride in the countryside, accompanied by her chauffeur on a Mercedes Benz 230 SL from 1962. Palo G contrasts what at that time was a traditionally male figure and takes over as a ‘the gentlewoman’. The artist’s mission is to represent a movement of openness and forward-thinking and the reinforcement of the intellect.

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