Detroit native Nolan The Ninja is slowing prepping a brand new LP that will drop in September but in usual benevolent form, he gifts us with a new single titled “14K“. The self produced track starts off with an audio snippet of a group of kids daydreaming about what they would do with a million dollars and switches into a dusty, jazz-esque soundscape laced with grundgy drum breaks. Nolan on the other hand is far from a slouch with the verbal callisthenics, his animated flow and dense lyrics help paint a vivid picture of a young man finding his way out of a proverbial concrete jungle with so many odds.

“...I been through the trials, living ain’t an easy pill to swallow
Like being booed at the Apollo, this game mulatto
Shit is like the lotto, cuz niggas pay the dues & play to win
Applying efforts for the better, so niggas could be set forever
Grew up hearing the no’s & never, however, we aspire to be higher through all endeavors...”

Quite grim but he is pretty hopeful of what the future could bring as he grins through the struggle. Hit the play button and get familiar.


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