Venezuelan Mc’s Original Dub Master and Tros have teamed up to bring back that good old boom bap sound and dope lyricism we grew up on. Their new joints “Culpables Habituales” and “Eclipse” ae something worth checking out so let’s do it right away.

“Culpables Habituales” is the track that sets things off. From the grimy and cinematic backdrop, both emcees draw us into the mix of the action with their unique vocal tone and vivid lyricism that take inspiration from the 90s.

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“Eclipse” is the second cut we got here and it continues the duo’s love for that hard-hitting boom-bap sound. The backdrop is hypnotic and dark and fits the rapper’s no holds barred flows and unique style. They even throw in a classic scratched vocal sample from the legendary Das EFX to complete the mission.

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Original Dub Master, Producer, MC, Dj, and Beatmaker from Caracas, Venezuela, with a 10+ year career in music production, including his work and collaborative projects with recognized Venezuelan artists.

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