It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Dayfade – “What’s It Like? (On Jupiter)”

Emerging producer Dayfade opens up our playlist with a vintage bop that is ripe with head-snapping drums, smooth vocal samples, and a near-perfect loop. Well-crafted and a solid way to start things.

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Faux King – “Bb.Bb”

Faux King  chops up a classic soul sample on his new release titled “Bb.Bb” and delivers a solid piece made up of neck snapping drums and warm textures.

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Cana – “Organic Circuits”

Dresden based producer Cana shares the very engaging visuals for his song “Organic Circuits.” The production is a mixed bag of warm pads, punchy boom-bap drums, sizzling synths, and then some. The build-up and progression is particularly dynamic and far from being static or mundane. The visual is an animated feature that encompasses a wide variety of visual styles and aesthetics.

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The Finley Ghost – “Everything Must Go”


The Finley Ghost’s “Everything Must Go” is an ethereal/ambient instrumental that is quite layered and solemn in many ways. The instrumentation is layered and dynamics with more than a handful of switch-ups and musical runs.


Marc Mathias – “Too Cool for School”


Marc Mathias shares his unique style with the release of this cut titled “Too cool for school.” The track has a mix of vintage funk synths, warm basslines, and smooth drums to match.

Original Dub Master – “Abre Los Ojos”


Original Dub Master, Producer, MC, Dj, and Beatmaker from Caracas, Venezuela, comes through with a solid one that we all can rock to.

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Chvnge Up – “Pray for the People”


Chvnge Up‘s “Pray for the People” is an ethereal piece ripe with smooth vocal samples, lush textures, and snapping drums to match.
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American Pika – “Big South”


American Pika shares “Big South”, a beat inspired by the great outdoors. It’s a blend of lush textures and exotic layered musical elements. It sure has an uplifting and hopeful mood.
This song is inspired by Big South, a beautiful canyon in the Rocky Mountains, that is currently burning in one of Colorado state’s largest wildfires.
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Pb29 – “A Long Time Comin'”


Pb29 taps into his old bag of tricks to drop “A Long Time Comin'” a smooth reflective beat that also packs the punchiness of 90s boom-bap vibe.
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Rohan Solo – “S4”


“S4” is a dark cinematic beat by Rohan Solo. He makes use of lush pads, ominous soundscapes, and sparsely arranged drums. The switch-ups are interesting and quite dynamic.
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Adithya – “Forever”


Adithya‘s “Forever” is an emotional piece that has a very sublime mood with its dreamy textures. It’s solid from start to finish.



11 Acorn Lane – “Sunrise In New Jersey”

11 Acorn Lane comes through with an uplifting beat he calls “Sunrise In New Jersey.” The production makes use of vintage jazz runs ripe with gripping melodies and nostalgic too.

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DJ Stranger – “Tekwards Island”

DJ Stranger closes the playlist with “Tekwards Island.” He delivers a potpourri of styles on this one from gritty dusty samples, excellent vocal cuts, and layered arrangements. It’s pretty cinematic and dynamic too.

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