Ois4 OMARI keeps the momentum going with the release of his new single titled “Conversation”. He does this over a solemn soulful soundscape and brings the listener close to his world. He details a wide variety of issues from socio-political, urban decay, relationships, music and then some. In a nutshell, “Conversation” is a high dose of pop culture and real-life experience from the budding rapper.

Ois4 OMARI  isn’t your typical musical artist from the south. Raised on sounds from Public Enemy to Tear Da Club Up Thugs, it was the introduction of pop and rock music on the regular that taught OMARI how to do something more than just rap, but rather how to craft a song. Giving his take on life and the state of the world, OMARI shows the future is now, and it’s more than just guns and dope.

Death Row Album HERE

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