The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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KANWAL – “Potential”

Emerging singer/songwriter KANWAL makes his entry with his debut single “Potential”, a heartfelt single that explores the aftermath of a personal loss and the need to accept it in order to progress. He delivers a melodic performance with reflective lyrics and a whole lot of catchiness.



SnookNazty & The Black Plague Doctors – “Day to Day” (Feat Hayz3n & EA$Y)


SnookNazty & The Black Plague Doctors team up with Hayz3n & EA$Y for “Day to Day”, a somber reflective tune that blends thoughtful and bravado rhymes in a seamless manner.



Jazzy Geezer – “Gelato Anthem”


Jazzy Geezer’s “Gelato Anthem” is a tribute to the gelato-flavored herb and sees him teaming up with The Duchess from South Africa, Californian emcee MC Muxatron and the unique talent of MC Stevie, the human scratcher. The trio blend their individual styles over the bouncy cinematic backdrop while paying tribute to their favorite flavored weed.



A.D. Weighs – “Damnation



A.D. Weighs’ self-produced single “Damnation” is a thought-provoking tune that dives into the plight of black Americans. From disenfranchisement and abuse by the powers that be. The production is eclectic and has a rock-infused element as well.


Sham Blak – “Love Is a Sham”

Sham Blak’s “Love Is a Sham” is a deep incursion into the concept of love in this modern era where hearts are broken and trust are lost by people with a lack of action or accountability. Over a mellow and somber backdrop, the emcees share their experiences with partners who don’t put their all in the relationship.



Jesi – “Garden of Eden



Jesi comes through with “Garden of Eden  a reflective tune that sees him reflecting on life and the inevitable outcome of death. Over a soulful and somber backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt and impassioned performance ripe with vivid lyricism


Trvpbeez – “3AM”


Emerging ATL emcee Trvpbeez‘s new release “3AM” sees him employing a drill backdrop to paint verbal pictures. Over the bass-heavy moody soundscape, he details his lifestyle and journey through this thing called life.






Father Baker – “Florida Vacation”


Father Baker‘s “Florida Vacation” is a dark and eclectic tune that is different from most. Over a haunting synth, punchy drums, and melancholic pads, the NY-born, CA-based rapper delivers his characteristic laidback flow laced with unfiltered and off-kilter lyrical schemes.



KEIDA SMOKES – “What Ninjas Can’t, I Can”

Japanese rapper KEIDA SMOKES‘s new single “What Ninjas Can’t, I Can” is about his journey in life as he weaves through the concrete jungle as the proverbial ninja. Armed with his kunai, katana, and keen senses, he separates the fakes from the real ones as he makes his way to the apex.



jevohn – “hunned bands”

Emerging rapper jevohn feels like a “hunned bands” in his new bouncy single. He is in bravado mode and makes use of a somewhat anthemic backdrop to flex on the detractors while celebrating his successes.


SGthe1st – “Inner G”

SGthe1st is in full slap mode as he raises the stakes with this anthemic mosh pit track titled “Inner G”. Over an orchestral and brass-laden soundscape, he details the way he mows through the opposition with quick jabs, uppercuts, and more.


DuPont Brass x La’Vonne – “Summer Vibes”


“Summer Vibes” is the latest effort from the multifaceted supergroup DuPont Brass. The soulful summer jam is produced by Ant, the band’s trumpet-playing MD, and is ripe with lush guitar plucks and an uplifting drum groove to boot. From the skate night, family cookouts, and pool parties, the MCs and singer La’Vonne detail the fun-filled vibes we all love to experience.


Kil Rikin x Jah Freedom ft. Skyzoo and K Ayoka – “BK Winning”


Veteran MC Kil Ripkin and Master Beatsmith Jah Freedom team up for a summertime track titled “BK Winning”. The track sees them teaming up with veteran BK lyricist Skyzoo and vocalist K Ayoka and the result is a celebration of their borough regardless of the craziness they made it through.


MaGyverMIRE – “airplanes”


SA emcee MaGyverMIRE talks about his humble beginnings in the heartfelt single “airplanes”. Over a mellow and soulful backdrop, he takes us from the start to the present and the ups and downs he goes through every day.


Jibba “The Gent” – “Black Swan Dive”


Vermont hip hop recording artist JibbaThe Gent“‘s latest release titled “Black Swan Dive” is a thoughtful song that question some pertinent issues from the existence of heaven and hell, God and life in general. The backdrop is haunting and laidback too and works perfectly with the insightful lyrics.


Itz Jaleel -” LeaveMeLone”


Itz Jaleel gets into an unapologetic mode in his new release titled “LeaveMeLone”. Over an upbeat bouncy backdrop, he reminds us that he doesn’t need the negative aura around him, and with the type of upbringing he got from his folks, he is more than ready to go the extra mile to achieve his goals.


Cypher the Avatar – “Reality (Radio Edit)”


Emerging rapper Cypher the Avatar‘s newest release “Reality (Radio Edit)” is a heartfelt and thoughtful track that explores the dynamics of being human in this universe and the flaws we often fail to acknowledge. Over a moody and haunting backdrop, he pens an open letter to “reality” and runs through his own feelings and how he plans to rectify the situation at all costs.

The Babylon Club – “Talent Show”


Rapper/producer duo The Babylon Club returns with the risque and cheeky single “Talent Show”. Bolstered by Popalardo‘s choppy jazzy samples and sparse drum arrangements, rapper Ois4 OMARI delivers an off-kilter performance ipe with unfiltered rhymes about having a strong ethic

Jean~Baptiste – “Grammy Acceptance Speech”


Emerging rapper Jean~Baptiste‘s “Grammy Acceptance Speech” is his own take on what his actual speech would be like. from giving props to his mum and the folks who believed him in and also the naysayers. His flow is impassioned and the use of the soulful and mellow backdrop helps as well.

Freedust x Saphie Wells – “Take Me There”


Genre fusing production crew Freedust team up with Barcelona-based Peruvian vocalist Saphie Wells for “Take Me There”. This mellow alternative soul track is ripe with lush guitar riffs, plucks and warm textures underpinned by Wells’s smooth melodic runs. It’s highly infectious and nostalgic as well. The track is taken from the upcoming Freedust LP, a 7-track album (plus 7 instrumentals).

bRavenous – “Unique Formula”


bRavenous cooks up the “Unique Formula” in his new release. Backed by a punchy and cinematic boom-bap backdrop, he proceeds to drop some hard-hitting bars that hardcore lovers can appreciate.


Trizz and Kansas City producer MIKE SUMMERS share a new single “SUMMER BREAK” which serves as the title track of their collaboration project. The track has a summer vibe with its warm textures, laidback synths, and Westcoast bass-driven groove.

SUMMER BREAK: THE PREQUEL” is a 3 track EP by Inland Empire/Los . “This EP came to life when we realized we wanted to get as much material out as possible before we drop the full album that would give fans a feel for what the album will sound like. So we decided on these three songs because they really sum up the vibe of the whole project” Trizz says.

Mostly George – “Bicska” (Prod. Posthumous Production)

Hungary rapper Mostly George drops new single “Bicska” ( which explores his origins in Transylvania. from living in poverty, sickness, and surrounded by vices such as alcohol, drugs, and beset police brutality, he gives listeners a true glimpse into his life.

Rick Smoove – “Lost”

Rick Smoove‘s “Lost” is a heartfelt lovelorn track that dives into finding true love in a hopeless situation. Over a hypnotic soundscape, he details his flaws and pain from trying to regain his lost love.


J Cru – “Goat Lover”

Eclectic rap duo J Cru returns with the unusual track titled “Goat Lover”. The track showcases their rap prowess as they go back and forth with machine-gun flows while embodying the spirit of the G.O.A.T acronym.

St.Bedlam – “Darth Vapour”


Australian rapper St.Bedlam makes his entry on our playlist with “Darth Vapour”. Over a haunting and broody soundscape, he delivers an unapologetic performance ripe with unfiltered and off-kilter lyrics that showcase his unique songwriting..

WhitMo – “One More Szn”


WhitMo’s “One More Szn” closes out the playlist on a soulful note. Over a smooth warm backdrop, the vocalist delivers a heartfelt and alluring performance that is both melodic and soothing.

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