Background Track: Oddisee ft. Olivier Daysoul “Let It Go, Instrumental’ (from People Hear What They See)


A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine decided to test my forthcoming album “People Hear What They See” on some random people on the streets of DC & London as an experiment… without telling me. Theses were the results.

I was fascinated by the responses given in this video. I’m use to reading reviews of my album by journalist & to be honest… Whether they’re good or bad, I rarely agree with them. There was something so refreshing about my work being critiqued by total strangers. People with no agenda, just hearing music from an unknown artist & giving their honest opinion. In today’s world, that’s a rare thing. 
I really enjoyed what the older gentlemen had to say about my album. There were a few points I felt I over produced a bit. Loved what they guy in the shades on the bench said too. All of it really! What I liked most was the fact that people who had never heard of me, surprisingly enjoyed my work. Almost as if, they were surprised they could like something they didn’t know of. What does that say about how music is pushed today? If I was seen in videos, plastered on walls, on television… Would they have been less surprised in their appreciation of my work? (whispers the title of his album)

What do you think?

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