A new release from one of the most unique sounds in Hip Hop. Producer Hey!Zeus and MC Teknical Development come together to become Obba Supa, and it’s a match made in heaven no doubt for anyone who’s heard any more of Obba Supa’s stuff. ‘For:AM’ is the latest in the AM series, and they remain as awesome and fresh as they ever have.

In smokey, spiritual night sessions, Obba Supa form a sample-based, unrhymed avantgardism. In doing so, Hey!Zeus on the beats and Teknical Development on the vocals, celebrating it and keeping your head in steady motion. For:AM coats theories on vibrating frequencies in order to reach the higher self, sexual encounter and an affinity to the consumption of weed in dirty suburban London sound. It creates an entirely unique sound structure, which perfectly follows its predecessor from the AM series – To:AM – Free: AM.

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